tirsdag 22. juli 2014

Current Beauty Obsessions + Summer Edition What’s in my Bag

Da jeg var i Oslo forrige helg gjorde jeg noe spennende, jeg filmet nemlig min første collaboration! Det har vært a long time coming, siden min BFF Anna også lager videos på YouTube. Problemet er bare det at vi bor på hver vår side av landet, og vi får ikke se hverandre så ofte. Noen husker kanskje at jeg var forlover i bryllupet hennes i begynnelsen av juni? Uansett, forrige lørdag filmet vi altså to videos, én til min kanal, og én til hennes. På min kanal har vi filmet et ‘current beauty obessions’, med alle produktene vi har elsket i sommer. For dere som ser på så kan det jo være vanskelig å skille mellom noen jeg liker og noe jeg elsker når dere ser f.eks. månedens favoritt, så jeg syns denne var passende. For dere som har sett mange av videoene mine kommer dere nok til å kjenne igjen mange av produktene, men kanskje dere ser noen nye spennende som Anna har. Jeg håper videoene faller i smak, for vi vil gjerne lage flere når neste anledning byr seg. Dere kan forhåpentligvis se at vi storkoste oss mens vi filmet.

Til Anna sin kanal filmet vi en oppdatert ‘what’s in my bag’ video. Det er ikke så lenge siden jeg laget en sist, men mye kan forandre seg fra vinter til sommer, for ikke å nevne at i denne videoen har jeg med meg min elskede Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote, mens Anna har sin Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha. Så det blir en liten summer edition altså, med masse godsaker. Gi gjerne begge en thumbs up, og abonner på både min og Anna sin kanal.

English: If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I took a little trip to Oslo last Saturday, and I actually went to spend the day with my BFF Anna, who I hardly ever see since we live on opposite coasts. And we did something really fun, we filmed our first collaborations! It was a long time coming since she also does YouTube, and I think it’s pretty obvious in the videos that we had so much fun! Some of you may remember her from my vlog when I was maid of honor at her wedding in June? Anyway, for my channel we filmed our current beauty obsessions, showing all the beauty products we’ve been loving this summer, and that diserve way more then a mention in my monthly favorites. Some of you longtime followers may be familar with a few of my products, but hopefully you’ll see something new as well. And then on her channel, we filmed an updated/summer edition of what’s in our bags. Me with my Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote and she with her Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha. If you enjoy them, please give us a thumbs up because we would love to do more of these in the future. Be sure to also subsribe to my channel, and to Annas.

mandag 14. juli 2014

Essential Brushes


Endelig en video! Det har gått litt i ett med sommerferie og jobbing med den nye bloggen, så jeg måtte ta en liten pause fra filming forrige uke. Men nå er jeg tilbake med en god den, nemlig mine essensielle sminkebørster til øyne. Det kan virke som om jeg har alt for mange, men jeg bruker faktisk neste alle hver gang jeg skal gjøre en full makeup. (altså ikke hver eneste dag). Jeg har samlet disse over mange år, og de siste årene har jeg omtrent bare kjøpt backups. Hvis jeg bare kunne beholt én så ville det nok vært MAC 217, fordi den er mest allsidig. Og hvis jeg skulle anbefalt en børste til noen som bare ville ha én eneste, så ville det vært den samme.

Nå blir det vel ganske åpenbart at det ikke blir så aaalt for mye blogging her de neste ukene. Jeg kjenner at jeg er i skikkelig feriemodus, og samtidig så jobber jeg med å få klar min nye blogg, som jeg skal fortelle dere mer om senere. Forløpig lanseringsdato er 1. august! Følg med her for oppdateringer og alt det der, og husk å abonnere på kanalen min i mellomtiden, og den vil forbli som den er nå. Jeg gleder meg veldig mye til litt forandring, og jeg håper dere kommer til å like det ferdige resultatet like godt som jeg gjør!

English: Finally, another video! We’ve been so busy with the summer holiday and I’ve been working on my new blog as well, so I had to take a little break from filming. But I’m back and it’s with a good one! It may seem like alot, but all of the makeup brushes are, obviously, essential to me, and I honestly use almost every single one when I do a full face of makeup (so not every day). I’ve collected these over the years, and I’ve almost only bought backups in the last several years. If, God forbid, I could only keep one, it would probably be the MAC 217, since it’s the most versatile. And if someone wanted to get only one, that is the one I would recommend.

Also, I guess it’s become quite obvious that I won’t be blogging as much as I wanted these days. I’m in hardcore holiday mode, and I’m focusing on my new blog. I’ll tell you more about that one later, but I promise it will be good news for you that have to stick to the translations! The preliminary launch date is set to August 1st, so check back for information. In the meantime, you can subsribe to my channel, which will pretty much stay the same. I’m super excited about the changes coming up, and I hope you will love it as much as I do!

tirsdag 8. juli 2014

Wishlist for my 26th birthday


Every year when July comes around, I can’t help but think of my birthday. I love any excuse for a celebration and I get excited for just about anything, so you can guess what it’s like in the weeks before my day. I always throw a party and I love having the day be all about me. Being a mom and a wife, I always try to put others first and make everyones lives better, and I think it’s important to take some time in my life and just feel special. Anyway, I also take some time before my birthday and think of the things I not just want, but really want. It may sound silly, but it’s nice, especially since I always want something new and better and brighter and more expensive. True story.

  • Tom Ford Makeup Brushes – It’s not often that I have make-up brushes on my wishlist, but I can’t help but lust for these. These are nothing but luxe, and rumour has it they’re just as fantastic to work with as they look. Reighing surpreme at the top of my list are the bronzer brush and the cheek brush, and hopefully they will settle my quest for the ultimate face brushes.
  • Tory Burch Wallet-on-Chain – This first caught my eye several months ago in white, but alas, that’s long gone. With that gone, the black one is on my radar. I’m in need of small bags, and black always works. It’s just so small and chic, and I can’t get enough of black and gold together.
  • Chanel Beige perfume – While I was in Chanel, waiting for my purchase to be prepared, I got a whiff of this. It certainly wasn’t love at fist sniff (I though it smelt too much like an older lady, much like other Chanel perfumes), but as it developed I fell head of heels in love. This is definetly a more mature scent, but I wouldn’t feel old wearing it. No doubt this will be mine the next time we pass a Chanel boutique since this is part of their Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection that’s only sold in boutiques.
  • La Mer The Concentrate – Skin care has been on my mind lately, and this has been high on my wishlist since trying a sample several years ago. I’m pretty sure this is a miracle in a tiny bottle, but the price tag is huge. I’m honestly sure it’s worth every penny, but taking the plunge and treating yourself to something that expensive is tough.
  • Hermès Clic H/Clic Clac bracelet – I actually got one of these for my birthday last year, and over time I just love it more and more. It’s my most worn bracelet, and I feel I can wear it with anything. So why wouldn’t I want to expand my collection? Gold is my metal of choice, and I’m having a hard time deciding between orange and white enamel, they’re both so chic! My dream combo is silver with pale pink though, but I think that’s quite rare.
  • Louis Vuttion Insolite wallet – Now, I do have a functioning wallet, and I can’t really see myself collecting wallets either, but over time my orange leather continental has become quite worm, especially since Eddie has gotten his hands on it once too many. Since I was so happy with my first wallet invenstment, I can’t help but dream of an even bigger investment. A wallet is something to carry and see several times a day, and if you can, I think you should treat yourself to a nice one. It does make your day a little bit better every time you see it! Now, the multicolour monogram is an aquired taste at best, but I love that it’s a bit tacky because it reminds me of my teenage years when this was super popular and I was just discovering fashion and designer brands.
  • Clarisonic (Aria or Mia2) – In the last month my skin has really been acting up with acne, and it seems like I just can’t get a deep enough cleanse with a regular makeup remover and cleanser regime. In comes the Clarisonic. I hear so many good things about this, I can’t help but think it might be the only thing that can get my skin back to it’s usual bright compelxion. And you know, if it comes in pink, I’ll take it!
  • SKII Facial Treatment Essence – This has been intriguing me for longer than I can remember, probably since seing ads in Chinese magazines 10-15 years ago, but recently it was bumped to one of the top spots, after seeing what Monsiieur Alex had to say about it. Something that can help my skin and help my Creme de la Mer work better? Where do I sign up? Luckily, you can get them in quite small bottles, so hopefully I’ll be able to try this sooner rather than later. Not to mention, how good is Cate Blanchetts face as an ad for this?
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Glitz Cronograph Watch – There’s no doubt that I’m a bit of an armcandy lover, and I’m obviously inlove with rose gold too. And you know, it’s always nice to tell time. I haven’t actually worn a watch in years, and I do see it more as an accessory then something practical.

lørdag 5. juli 2014

Vegas Fashion & Accessories haul!


I dag går det virkelig ikke fort i svingene! Jeg og Edward sov faktisk til 12 (!) i dag, og da var det faktisk jeg som vekket han. Du kan trygt si at ingen av oss har vært i toppform i dag. Jeg skulle jo skrive dette innlegget i formiddag, men her sitter jeg rett før midnatt og holder på å sovne. Vi skal reise på sommerturné i morgen, så her er det mye som må vaskes, ryddes og pakkes. Kan trygt si at jeg har hatt hendene fulle hele dagen, selv om jeg har hatt litt feber. Men! Jeg skal ikke bare klage, for nå har jeg endelig blitt ferdig med den aller siste bryllupsreiserelaterte videoen. Denne ble jo selvfølgelig alt for lang, men jeg ville ikke akkurat redigere noe bort heller. Dere vet jo hvor glad jeg er i å babble! Jeg har mye fint å vise frem, og jeg er så utrolig fornøyd med alt jeg kjøpte. Nå som jeg er så gammel (og kjedelig) kjøper jeg jo klær som skal vare, og som jeg har lyst å bruke, i mange år fremover, ikke bare i sommer. Mange av klærne har dere kanskje allerede sett hvis dere har sett mine vlogs fra bryllupsreisen, og hvis ikke så burde dere faktisk se de nå! Håper dere orker å se hele, og at dere liker den. Jeg håper alltid at dere liker videoene! Jeg merker at setningene ikke blir så veldig sammenhengene, så nå skal jeg legge meg og bli litt friskere til den lange bilturen i morgen. Husk å se denne i 1080p, og selvfølgelig å abonnere på kanalen min!

English: This has not been a very productive day! I was going to write this post this morning, but here I am and it’s time for bed already. Eddie and I actually got up at noon (!) today, and it was actually I that woke him. It’s safe to say that we’re not feeling our best today. We’re starting our little summer tour tomorrow, and there’s just so much that has to be cleaned and packed and whatnot. Add a fever on top of that, and you have my day. But back to what you’re really here for, and it’s my very last honeymoon related video. It comes as no surprise that this video is crazy long, but you know I love to bable and I didn’t want to edit out too much. I have so many exciting things to show you, and I’m so pleased with everything I got. You may have already seen some of my new clothes in my Vegas vlogs, and if you haven’t I highly recommend you do that now. I hope you actually watch this video, even though it’s so long, and I’ll love you even more for it. As always, I hope you enjoy it as well. I feel like I’m not really the most coherent person right now, so I’ll go get some sleep and hopefully feel better for our long car trip tomorrow. Please remember to watch this in 1080p, and of course to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.

tirsdag 1. juli 2014

Instagrams of June

Nå føles det utrolig lenge siden forrige gang jeg laget et Instagraminnlegg altså, som en liten livstid. Dere vet jo at jeg har vært ute på mye forskjellig denne måneden, og da blir det nesten sånn at to dager føles som en evighet siden. Det er hyggelig å kunne sitte her og se tilbake på begynnelsen av måneden og alt som nesten er glemt. Vegas veier tungt i dette innlegget, og det er jo kanskje ikke så rart! Det som derimot er veldig rart er at vi faktisk var der for to uker siden! What? Jeg syns jeg var rimelig flink til å legge ut bilder mens vi var der, spesielt med tanke på at jeg faktisk ikke hadde mobil. Mye Vegas altså, kanskje litt vel mye Bath & Body Works, en god del shopping, og så fikk jeg avsluttet juni med en dobbel Balenciaga. Slettes ikke så ille! Hvis du vil følge meg på Instagram finner du meg på @kajahytland, samme brukernavn som på Twitter altså.












English: It feels like a lifetime since I did my last IG round-up. As you know I’ve been upto alot this month and when it can easily feel like two days was an eternity ago. It’s nice to be able to look through my Instagram photos from the beginning of the month and remember everything. There’s tons of Vegas pics, which can come as no surprise. I can’t believe we were there only two weeks ago! But I do think I did good with uploading pics while I was there, especially considering I didn’t even have a working phone at that time. Other than Vegas there’s alot of shopping pics, tons of Bath & Body Works (maybe a bit too much), and then I ended the month on a double Balenciaga note. Pretty happy about that actually. If you want to follow be on Instagram you can find me @kajahytland, which is the same as on Twitter.

mandag 30. juni 2014

June Beauty Favorites


Her er vi igjen, helt i slutten av atter en måned. Juni har jo vært så deilig, og herregud så mye som har skjedd! Bryllup i Oslo, bryllupsreise til Las Vegas, og vakre sommerdager i Bergen. Kan jeg be om mer? Jada, fordi nå sitter jeg her på min aller første feriedag OG det er sommer i Bergen. Jeg er i hvertfall klar for juli, og alt det fine den kan bringe. I sommer skal jeg faktisk jobbe med å relansere bloggen, og i høst skal jeg ta den til et nytt nivå, så jeg håper dere er klare for det. Men jeg skal selvfølgelig blogge i mellomtiden også, og akkurat i dag kan dere nyte favorittene mine fra juni, og endel av tingene har dere allerede hørt litt om i mitt siste haul. Håper dere liker den, og husk å se den i 1080p og å abonnere på kanalen min.

Products Mentioned:

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede cologne
Dolce & Gabbana blush in Provocative
Chanel Les Beiges in 20 + Eco Tools brush
Cle de Peau concealer
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in 55 Romance
Bite Beauty lipstick in Fig
MUFE Aqua lip in 17C + NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel

Waxing (especially under arms)

Orphan Black
Orange is the New Black

English: Here we are once more, another month is at it’s end. June has been such a great month, and boy has a lot of things happened! We went to a wedding in Oslo, on our honeymoon in Vegas and spent alot of summer days here in Bergen. What more can I ask for? Oh yeah, it’s my first day of summer holiday AND the weather is nice and warm. I am definetly ready for July now, and whatever it may bring. This summer I’ll actually be working to relaunch the blog come fall and taking it to the next level. I will of course be blogging in the meantime, and today you can enjoy all of my favorites from the month of June. You may recognize some of the products from my last video, my gigantic beauty haul. I hope you enjoy this video as always, and remember to watch it in 1080p and to subscribe to my channel.

fredag 27. juni 2014

Gucci Beauty

Det føles som om designere lanserer nye sminkemerker i hytt og pine, etter at både Tory Burch og Michael Kors lanserte sminkekolleksjoner i fjor. Det var ikke store kolleksjoner da, men i år lanserer en av verdens største motehus, Gucci, sitt eget merke, Gucci Beauty. Dette er spennende! Gucci er kjent for tidløs, italiensk eleganse, og det er faktisk nesten 100 år siden Gucci ble lansert i 1921. Gucci er jo et navn de fleste kjenner til, og i fjor åpnet de sin første butikk i Norge, og det er jo bare å anta at det går rimelig godt for den. Jeg har alltid elsket klærne deres, og la oss ikke snakke om de fantastisk vakre silkeskjerfene deres (sjekk de ut det klassiske mønsteret Flora hvis du er glad i skjerf), så nå er jeg veldig spent på hva de skal legge på bordet. Bare noen få bilder er ute så langt, men de lover elegant forpakning ala de andre store motehusene, men en Gucci touch. Jeg er selvfølgelig aller mest spent på farger og kvalitet, så jeg gleder meg til å sjekke ut ALT. Hele greia skal lanseres i september, og jeg håper å finne det på Harrods når vi skal til London i høst. Hva tror dere jenter, blir dette like fra som Tom Ford eller en flopp som Michael Kors?



Source Gucci

English: Feels like designers are launching makeup lines left and right after both Michael Kors and Tory Burch launched their mini lines last year. But this year, one of the worlds biggest fashion houses, Gucci, are launching what seems like a full makeup line, simply named Gucci Beauty. This is pretty exciting! The brand has always been known for their timeless, Italian elegance, and it’s actually been almost 100 years since Gucci was founded in 1921. I’ve always been a big fan of their clothes, and let’s not mention their wonderful silk scarves (check out their classic Flora print if you’re a scarf lover). I’m very excited about what they have to offer, but the first few pictures are promising. They’re brining typical fashion house elegant packaging with a Gucci touch. I can’t wait to check everything out, and I’m hoping for top notch quality and colours. It’s said to launch in September, and hopefully I’ll find them at Harrods when we visit London in the fall. So what do you guys think? A big hit like Tom Ford, or a flop like Michael Kors?

torsdag 26. juni 2014

Gigantic Vegas Beauty Haul!


Nå er den klar, the big one. Hoved-haulet fra Las Vegas, og denne alt for lange videoen (herregud, 27 minutter?) inneholder absolutt alt jeg kjøpte av skjønnhetsprodukter, fra alles favoritt; sminke, til hud og hårpleie. Videoen inneholder shopping fra tax free på Heathrow T5, Saks, Chanel, drugstore (fra Target, CVS og Walgreens) og Sephora. Når jeg tenker på hvor lang denne videoen ble føler jeg at jeg har shoppet alt for mye, men samtidig var det veldig mye jeg hadde lyst på som jeg ikke kjøpte. Jeg er egentlig glad det ikke ble så mye mer, for når det blir så mye på en gang kan det blir vanskelig å glede seg over alt. Heldigvis har jeg brukt nesten alt allerede, og er veldig fornøyd med mesteparten. Noen av disse dukker utvilsomt opp i fremtidige favorittvideoer, men hvis det er noen spesielle ting du har veldig lyst å se review av, så er det bare å gi en liten lyd. Nå håper jeg at dere sitter godt, og er klar for en lang video full av spennende saker og ting. Mange av disse tingene er det ikke mulig å få kjøpt i Norge, men nå som Sephora sender til Norge er det aller meste lett tilgjengelig for oss nordmenn likevel. Produktene som kan kjøpes i Norge eller sendes til Norge er linket i listen under. Håper dere koser dere, og husk å se den i 1080p, og å abonnere på kanalen min. Har du lyst å se mine to første hauls fra Las Vegas kan du sjekke ut mitt Bath & Body Works haul og mitt Victoria’s Secret haul også.

Products Mentioned:

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner in Black
Creme de la Mer
MAC 266 brush
Chanel Protective Base Coat (selges i butikker som fører Chanel)
Kiehls Creme de Corps
La Prairie Purifying Cream Cleanser
Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede cologne

Cle de Peau concealer in Ivory
Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

Tressemme Tres Two hairspray
Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Mousse
It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Keratin Plus spray
L'Oreal Voluminous Original mascara in black (selges overalt)
L'Oreal Double Extend mascara in black (selges overalt)
Baby Lips Dr. Rescue lip balm in Berry Soft
DUO eyelash glue
Tide stain remover pens
Ardell 120 demi lashes (selges på Lindex)
Ardell Ariel lash set (Walgreens exclusive)

Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub
Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dry Spun Finish (selges i salonger)
Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder dry shampoo (selges i salonger)
NARS lipgloss in Turkish Delight
Fresh Sugar lip scrub
NARS Pro Prime lip primer
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly
NARS bronzer in Laguna
Lavanila Pure Vanilla mini-deodorant
Hourglass lipgloss in Canvas
Bite Beauty lipstick in Fig
BeautyBlender cleanser
Balenciaga Florabotanica rollerball (linken er til vanlig størrelse)
Dior Creme de Rose lip balm
Sephora nail buffer
St. Tropez tanning mitt

English: The big one is finally here. This is my main Vegas haul and this eternal video (how did it become 27 minutes?) shows every single beauty item I bought on my honeymoon. It contains shopping from the duty free at Heathrow T5, Saks, Chanel, Sephora and drugstore items (from Target, CVS and Walgreens). When I think of the length of this video I feel I may have shopped a bit too much, but there are still tons of items that I really wanted, but passed up. In all honestly I’m glad I didn’t shop more, because when you have amounts of new products it’s easy to forget some and more or less lose them in your stash. It has happened to me so many times before. The struggle is real. But I’m happy to report that I’ve used almost everything already, and I’m very pleased with most of it. I’m positive alot of what you see in this video will end up in future favorites videos, but if there are any particular products you want to see reviews of or anything like that, don’t hesitate to let me know. I hope you are sitting comfortable right now, because it’s gonna be a while. I’ve left a link in the blog post as well as in the infobar on YouTube. The links that you find here on the blog are for Norwegian stores and stores that ship to Norway only. If you want to see US links, head over the YT and watch the video there, all the links will be there. Some links are to Sephora.com though, and they ship to Norway, the UK and Germany among others. They don’t ship NARS outside of the US though, but I’m sure you already know where to buy it in your country. As always, I hope you enjoyed this video, and be sure to watch it in 1080p and to subscribe to my channel. Feel free to watch my first two hauls as well, a Bath & Body Works haul and a Victoria’s Secret haul.

tirsdag 24. juni 2014

Victoria’s Secret Haul!


Så var det på tide med haul nummer to av fire, men den siste av mine semi-annual sale videoer. Jeg gleder meg alltid til å shoppe på Victoria’s Secret, og jeg kommer alltid ut med mer enn jeg egentlig trenger. Jeg er veldig fornøyd med å faktisk ha fått med meg TO bh’er, nå som de har innført DDD-størrelsen. Jeg bruker 80G til vanlig, men nå har jeg altså kjøpt 38DDD (38=85) som passer fint i cup, men den er bittelitt stor rundt. Den sitter godt nå, men når den utvider seg over tid blir den nok litt løs. Nå er de såpass billige i forhold til det jeg pleier å betale for bh’er, så jeg syns ikke det gjør så mye. Jeg har fått røsket med meg andre fine ting også, inkludert en god fangst fra PINK. Det er vel ganske åpenbart at jeg er en fjortis i forkledning, og jeg elsker klærne fra PINK. De er så søte og deilige, og perfekt for meg som somregel er hjemme hele dagen. Alt jeg har kjøpt er i størrelse large og passer godt, så husk at størrelsene er litt store hvis du skal bestille noe på nett. Victoria’s Secret sender til Norge, alt utenom parfyme, trykkflasker og neglelakk. Samme, gamle regla. Vintersalget deres pleier å starte rett før julaften, og da skal jeg sitte klar med dataen for å få med meg noe fint. Nå håper jeg du koser deg med videoen min (jeg vet jo at det er mange andre VS lovers der ute), og husk å se den i 1080p og å abonnere på kanalen min. Hvis du vil se mitt første haul, fra Bath & Body Works kan du gjøre det HER.

English: Time for Vegas haul number two of four, but the last on my sale hauls. I’m always excited to shop at Victoria’s Secret whenever we travel somewhere with a store, and I usually leave with more than I planned for. I’m very pleased with actually going home with two bras, now that they have introduced their DDD size. I’m usually a 36G, but I fit into their 38DDD. The cup fits perfectly, but I recon that when they expand they will be a tiny bit too big around. I don’t really mind though, since they’re cheaper then the bras I usually buy (not easy finding bras for my size!). I got alot of other nice stuff too, including a bunch from PINK. Their clothes are so cute and comfy, and perfect for me that’s usually in lounge wear all day. I’m obviously a tween in disguise. Everything I got is in a size large, so remember that their sizes are quite big if you plan to order something online. They do ship to all sides of the word (check out their site for full list), including Norway, and they ship everything but fragrance, aerosols and nail polish. I’m already excited for their winter sale which starts right before Christmas, I will be ready infront of my computer! So I hope you enjoy this video, and remember to watch it in 1080p and to subscribe to my channel. And if you want to see my first sale haul, from Bath & Body Works, you can do that HERE.

mandag 23. juni 2014

Bath & Body Works haul!


Det høres kanskje veldig rart ut, men å gå på Bath & Body Works var noe av det jeg gledet meg mest til med USA. Dere vet jo godt hva jeg føler om dusjsåpe, så dere kan jo gjette hvor mange ganger jeg har siklet på nettsidene til BBW. Men når det kommer til både væske og duftlys, så er jo vekt et viktig tema. Hadde vi giddet å betale for flere kolli (BA tar 100 dollar per ekstra koffert!), så hadde det nok blitt rimelig mye mer, for å si det sånn. Jeg angrer på at jeg bare kjøpte én dusjsåpe i fullstørrelse. Hva tenkte jeg på? Gjort er gjort, men det er surt likevel! Alt i alt var det jo en ganske god fangst likevel, og jeg er rimelig fornøyd med å ha fått med meg tre, store duftlys. For dere norske som leser dette innlegget er det selvfølgelig litt kjipt at BBW ikke sender til Norge, men hvis du blir helt desperat kan du huske at det finnes selskap som driver med videresending av pakker fra USA. Det er lovlig altså, men frowned upon. Men for det første kan dere altså sjekke ut hva jeg dro med meg fra Las Vegas, hvis dere liker den kan dere godt gi den en thumbs up. Husk også å se den i 1080p, og å abonnere på kanalen min. Se opp for Victoria’s Secret haul i morgen, og gigantisk beauty haul på torsdag!



English: It may sound silly, but going to Bath & Body Works was one of the things I was most excited about when going to the US. You all know what I feel about body wash, and I’ve been trolling the site countless time this year drooling over all their cute stuff. But as always with travel, weight is an issue, and candles and liquids aren’t exactly light. We only had one checked in suitcase each, if not I would of course have gotten tons more! I actually regret only buying one full sized body wash. What was I thinking? What’s done is done, but I’m not over it yet. All in all I do feel really good about my haul though, and I’m happy I could take home three big candles. For any non-US readers it can probably feel a bit sour knowing that BBW don’t ship to us, but if you’re super desperate, there are always ways to have packages shipped from the US. It is legal, but frowned upon. But first of all, check out everything I got in Las Vegas, and you could give it a thumbs up if you like it. Be sure you watch it in 1080p, and remember to subscribe to my channel. Look our for my Victoria’s Secret SAS haul tomorrow, and for my gigantic beauty haul later this week.

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