søndag 15. juli 2012

A good baby ride

With less then three months to go until the birth of our son, it’s about time to get everything ready for his arrival. I’m a perfectionist, and I’m afraid everything won’t be ready in case he comes early. I know it may sound silly seeing as I’m only in my 28th week, but I’m sure many moms out there will know the feeling!

We bought our pram a few weeks ago, and I was planning on keeping it boxed up for longer, but we had to be sure of the size as we’re looking for a new car and it has to fit in the trunk. I decided on the Happy pram and pushchair from Brio. it has a good price, a trustworthy brand and after a quick google search is seems most people are pretty happy with theirs. But the most important part is that when you buy it it comes in three parts, a chassis, a pram and a pushchair, you just switch between the pram and the pushchair. So you do get a lot for your money.

brio happy black

The only problem is that’s so darn boring! We got both parts in black, the chassis as well, thinking it will be best with all the rain here in Bergen. There’s nothing exciting about it, nothing at all! It’s far from fashionable.

If money and practicality didn’t matter, there is no doubt I would choose one of the classic prams from Silver Cross. The British brand started designing in the late 1800s, and the British royal family have used their prams on several occasions.

The classic prams are Balmoral and Kensington, and both are so beautiful I can’t decide on which one I like best. The Balmoral is the original, and called the Rolls Royce of prams, but weighing in at 37 kilos and the fact that you can’t fold it makes it far from practical for most parents. If I ever live in a less rainy city, with a baby, I hope I can one day own either model, probably in navy which even makes it look royal! A seriously beautiful ride for any baby.

silver cross

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  1. Jeg hadde Brio Happy til min datter. Veldig bra vogn, selv om den er kjedelig i designet;)


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