søndag 4. november 2012

OPI Skyfall


Seeing swatches from the new OPI James Bond Skyfall collection a few weeks back I knew some of those beauties HAD to be mine. So i scowered the internet for good deals and got these four home just before the weekend, and not even paying the regular price for two. It’s been a long time since I’ve been hooked on polishes, but sometimes you just have to! I’m absolutely addicted to red polishes, and it’s not often I find shades I don’t already have. So I got (from the top): Skyfall (cream maroon), Die Another Day (metallic candy apple red), The Spy Who Loved Me (bright red glitter with gold flecks) and Goldeneye (gold glitter).

Die Another Day is by far my favorite, being the perfect candy apple with a slight orange undertone. Gorgeous! It can feel both christmasy and super sexy. I’ve never had any similar shade, and I’m absolutely head-over-heels in love.


Check out Vampy Varnish for swatches of the full collection.

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