torsdag 8. november 2012

The trouble with babies

How come no one tells you how incredibly hard it is to have a newborn baby? All you ever see is how cute they are, all the downtime you have and how bored parents are when they sleep all day.

It is NOTHING like that. These last weeks have been so tiring I want to cry just thinking about it. I thought getting peed on would be the worst part of having a baby, but that part I don’t even mind anymore. Nights are becoming so long and hazy, I can hardly tell them apart anymore. He gets horrible tummy aches in the evening, and can cry for 6 hours unless he has a boob in his mouth and can drink a few drops every minute to settle his stomach. Nursing in itself is enough work if you ask me, and having him attached for hours on end can break any new mom. Getting up in the middle of the night to feed him every four hours is a nightmare if you ask me, I just wish he would fall asleep before 2 am.

And the amounts of poop! I’m sure he poops more than I do. And pees like a waterfall. I’m sure I can change 15 diapers a day, and sometimes four times in 30 minutes if he’s on a pooping spree.

It’s a good thing he’s so darn cute. I guess that’s why people never tell you about all this, because they forget as soon as the phase is over. I can sit and cry along with him at nights, and he just has to stop for a few seconds and look at me with those big blue eyes and I forget everything. And no matter how insane I’m going every night, sleeping resets everything and the next morning I’m as happy and inlove with him as ever.

I guess that’s how we’re suppost to survive this first time. Thinking about that he’'s not even a month is enough to kill me, but I guess we’ll survive this as well. It’s definetly been taking it’s toll on me, hubs and our relationship, but if other people can make it, and not hate each other either, we can too. Having a baby is definetly not for someone that doesn’t have a rock solid relationship, and I definetly get how so many people break up straight after having a baby.

Between the tough pregnancy, long and painful birth, the state of my body right now and all this, I’m strongly considering not having anymore babies. But we’ll see, I bet all women say that so soon after giving birth. If not I’m thinking mankind wouldn’t survive this long!

But now look at how cute my little Edward James is (we only call him Edward)! His hair looks so red in this picture, and I’m loving it! His skin is terrible at the moment though, all the hormones he gets from me through my milk. But his still gorgeous, acne or not!


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  1. Uff da. Men du e veldig flink som holde ut! Han ein av dei skjønnaste beibiene på dennan jord! Hands down :)


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