lørdag 17. november 2012

Those housewives

I’ve found a new obsession; Real Housewives of New Jersey! I’ve been watching Beverly Hills and Miami (Orange County is too boring, and Vancouver is just too crazy) but I always thought NJ was so tacky, but oh how I love it! I’m crazy for Teresa, she is just amazing! My favorite housewife. I love finding a series I love when it’s already been running for years, so now I can have a week long marathon. I just started season two, and I have a feeling I’ll finished with all four seasons by Friday haha!

I definetly think it would be fun to be on some future series of Real Housewives! I like to think I’m not crazy enough though, but deep withing I know I could be table turning after a bottle of wine, haha! Real Housewives of Bergen? Bring it on! Even though it would be the most boring series of all time.


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