lørdag 22. desember 2012

Date Night

Today Edward had a babysitter for the first time, and hubs and I got a long needed date night alone. My dear mom was so excited to have her first and only grandchild to herself for a few hours, and she was a great sitter! He was so calm when we came home, and I think he had a good time too.

Hubs and I went to Hard Rock Cafe, which does sound kind of like a tacky place to go for good food, but it’s one of our favorites. Who can say no to music, great food and delicious cocktails? I’m at a place when I’m trying to drink very little alcohol, but when I get the chance for a killer cocktail once in a while I’ll take it! We even shared a dessert, even though we’re on a diet. Worth it!

Time did fly by, and it was just like before Edward was born. I never get sick of having conversations with him, and luckily I never get sick of him! Afterwards we went window shopping at Louis Vuitton, and trust me I’ve found lots of beautiful things I’m asking Santa for next christmas!


Can you tell I’m a tired new mom? I think it shows in this picture, haha!

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