fredag 21. desember 2012

Hello from Oslo

After a long day in the car we finally reached Oslo and the beautiful Grand Hotel this afternoon. Edward was a true champ the entire time, and only cried a tiny bit when he was sleepy. I must say I didn't feel very classy breastfeeding him in the car parked at different gas stations across the country.

I'm actually quite excited about the hotel, and I'm really glad we upgraded our room because it has a tub and more important it has room for our gigantic piles of crap. Need I say most of our luggage belongs to Edward? I even had a delish cheeseburger from room service. It's probably obvious from my wrighting how tired I am, and it's time for me to give Edward a late night snack and then hopefully get some rest in time for shopping with my mom tomorrow! Nighty night, people!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Føler meg som den mest creepy stalkeren når jeg leser bloggen din og aldri kommenterer :P

    God jul til deg og dine! ^^

  2. min teori er at blogglesing bare er en kvasi-sunn måte å stalke på, haha!

    god jul og takk for at du leser!


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