søndag 2. desember 2012

It’s christmas!

What a wonderful weekend I’ve had, which was well deserved after a long and tiring week! It’s been all about christmas at home, which is my favorite holiday. I can barely keep myself when it comes to decorating, but I manage to hold out until November 30th and then go crazy! Which in my family is super early.

On Friday I tidied and vaccuumed before putting up decorations and on Saturday we bought a noble fir and decorated it. We took pictures for our christmas card today, and it’s the first year we’re sending one out. Wouldn’t it be a little strange to send out a card with pictures without having a child? I kind of think so.

We also celebrated our 26th monthaversary yesterday with some delicious champagne we got for Edwards birth but never ended up drinking until now. And today I made some traditional, norwegian christmas sausage with potatoes and ‘kålrabistappe’.

I even managed a short trip to the gym yesterday! It’s not only my first work-out since birth, but my first work-out since January because of all my pregnancy problems. I managed about 40 minutes of cardio, which is not that much but I’m super proud of myself and it felt sooooooo good! Can’t wait to go again next Saturday.


Nevermind the vaccuum, Edward just loves the constant humming of it so now I have no excuse not to vaccuum! Speaking of, he’s slowly becoming easier to handle, and I think his colic is slightly improving! I’m so excited to have a baby this christmas, I’ve always thought it seems to nice to have a baby on christmastime.

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