tirsdag 18. desember 2012

Winter Essentials

Winter is well upon us, and I’ve had lots of time thinking about what I love wearing in the cold, and more so what I actually need. I think it’s important to have two sets of outerwear so that you can be warm and practical for everyday use (like when I’m out walking with the baby every day) and one pretty outfit so you don’t have to feel like the Michelin man when you’re going out in public. These are my winter essentials for both and I’ve decided that my next christmas I should own all of these. So far I only have the parkas, warm hat and mittens and wool-lined leather gloves. I have winter boots, but of course I would love to have UGGs instead! Remember that parkas and down jackets have to be filled with exactly that, down to be warm, no synthetic filler for me!



Peuterey nylon down jacket with fur collar, Eugenia Kim wool & cashmere blend beanie, Acne canada wool scarf, Storm mittens, UGG classic short shearling boot


Burberry mid-length wool cashmere trench coat, UGG foxley earmuffs, Louis Vuitton Monogram Shawl, Dents cashmere lined gloves, Burberry leather riding boots

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