mandag 14. januar 2013

A Bargain from Burberry

You will not believe my surprised when I walked into my favorite shop on Saturday (that would be Vincci, the best place for designer clothes in Bergen) and found they had everything in womens wear half off! I didn’t think I would find anything, but there it was, the beautiful Burberry wool coat I’ve wanted since they got it in July. There was one left, and it was my size! I almost peed my pants. I blogged about it in December in my ‘Winter Essentials’ post, and I was actually going to buy it at full price when we visit London next winter!

It’s just so perfect, it’s everything I wanted in a coat! It’s the perfect camel colour, pure wool, perfect length and sooooo soft. It doesn’t fit perfectly when it’s closed, yet! As you know I’m on a diet, and I think it’s better that it’s too small now then too big next winter. The colour is most like the last picture.









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