onsdag 16. januar 2013


I wanted to tip you big busted ladies out there about the best sports bra in the world, Shock Absorber! I’d read about these before, about how amazing they are, and I was really blown away when I first tried one just before christmas. I just got mine last week and I’m so happy! I’ve never been able to run because it’s just painful when my boobies bounce around. I got the ‘run’ model, which I think is the one that has the best support, and it really is amazing. My boobs still bounce a bit, but it’s not painful and it doesn’t make me look like a damn fool.

The band does run a bit small, and I ended up with a 38F, even though I usually fit a 36F. Cup-wise I would say it’s true to size. I bought mine on Net-a-Porter, and they have another colour on sale so if you’re lucky you could find your size really cheap! If you’re in Norway you can also buy it at Löplabbet, but it’s cheaper to order it of NAP (price+shipping, and taxes is always included).







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