mandag 21. januar 2013

Weighing in, week 3

This week has not been as big on working out as it should, but I have gotten a great deal of planning done. I’ve been setting small weight loss goals, so it will be easier to keep my eyes on the 60kg prize at the end which will reward me one Hervé Leger bandage dress. I’ve also joined Fitocracy to keep track of my workout, which I’ve heard is important in order to see progress. I’m also wondering if I should keep a journal, because I think my profile is a bit messy.

All in all I think it was a good week, well atleast it was a good start!

Wednesday: I started the running program for beginners (norwegian) made by Löplabbet, worked up quite a sweat walking like a beast.

Friday: Finally joined a gym and I ended up with SATS, one of the biggest chains in Scandinavia. I left Edward in their little daycare section and did day 2 of the runners program. I only did 1 min running intervals, which I thought would be a cakewalk, but boy was I wrong! Got a short but good workout and Edward slept through everything.

Saturday: Hubs and I took Edward out in his pram for a little hike up the last bit of Fløien, a little mountain in the city center of Bergen. It was straight up hill and dark and icy, so we took it quite slow and only did 2.2 km in 37 minutes.

Sunday: Started the day with the same hike as yesterday and added a little walk when we reached the top, so it ended up being 3.8km in 1 hour 7 minutes. I also had my first meet with a personal trainer at SATS (you get three sessions for free if you join right now) and she made me my own little program using equipment and weights and showed me how to it. Also had a little chat about food and eating habits, and it seems I’m on the right path! Ended the day with finishing week one of the running program at 23.30, but what the heck, it’s better then not finishing!


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I haven’t started doing measurements yet, but I did hit the scale this morning. It was 82.6kg which is down from last time, but still a dissapointment because I did weigh myself on Thursday as well and it was 81.9kg. I didn’t think I put on weight during those days, I just think it differs from day to day sometimes, but that doesn’t make it any less stupid. I’m not letting it bring me down though, it just gave me more motivation to work harder!

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  1. Jeg gikk tur med lillesnuppa hver dag som gjorde at hun sovnet. Tok en dusj og sov en time jeg også. Gjorde dette hver morgen og gikk ned 20 kg på 5 mnd.

  2. Har gjort det hver dag i 3 måneder allerede, uten at det har gjort noe forskjell på vekta desverre. Har ikke tenkt å slutte med det da, Edward sover ikke uten tur


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