søndag 27. januar 2013

Weighing in, week 4

I was so dissapointed stepping on the scale this morning finding out I had only lost 300 grams this week. That feels like nothing to me! I did feel I had a good workout week on the weekdays, but I got nothing done during the weekend since I was alone with Edward and the daycare fills up pretty quick the few hours it’s open. Foodwise it wasn’t quite as good though, I definetly splurged on Friday in the cookie department, and of course I regret that now! I will however do better next week, and hopefully that will show on the scale come next Sunday!

Monday: Got a good 35 minute power walk with the pram, working up quite a sweat. This was day one of week two of the running program I’ve started.

Tuesday: Got to the gym quite late, so I only got 23 minutes on the elliptical, but I did good interval work and got the juices pumping.

Wednesday: Finally started my routine with weights, which was a challenged for my weak muscles but really fun! Definetly felt it the next day.

Thursday: Had to take Edward to the doctor so no gym, but walked for an hour combined (5km) to and from the town center.

Friday: Same as Wednesday!

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I was planning on finishing the running program over the weekend, just running around the neighbourhood, but suddenly a load of snow but a stop to that. Annoying! I hate having unfinished work, it’s just too stressing. I will try to do the two days from this week and well as next weeks program in week 5 so I will be on track by next Sunday. Wish me luck!

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