søndag 3. februar 2013

Weighing in, week 5

I did get in quite a few workouts this week, so I’m pretty satisfied about that. Four whole trips to the gym, and I only had one day without any excercise. This morning I was down to 81.5kg, so I’d lost 800 grams this week which I think is pretty good! If I can keep this up I’ll reach my summer goal, and not to mention my target weight in no time!

I also decided to give up my plans of finishing the 2nd week of the running program as well as the 3rd, and decided to just finish week 2 and fall one week behind instead (better than quitting, right?).

Monday: No gym today since I had to take Edward for a check-up at the doctor, so we got a 5km walk instead (in the pouring rain, so I wasn’t very pleased).

Tuesday: Walking fast and then running intervals on the treadmill. So hard!

Wednesday: Did weights, it’s tough but I’m starting to really like it. Didn’t have time for the plank though, which is in my program.

Thursday: 30 intense minutes of intervals on the elliptical, love getting sweaty like that! I follow my PTs advice and work myself to about 85-90% of my maximun heart rate on the toughest parts.

Friday: Very unsatisfying trip to the gym. Had gotten up early so I could fit in some cardio before weights, but got there at my usual time anyway. Had to skip my usual leg presses because some people like to hang out on the machine instead of letting other people use them. Pretty sure you’re not suppost to wait 5 minutes between sets!

Saturday: NOTHING! Went to watch Les Mis and then went out with my BFF instead.

Sunday: Sunday is family hike day, and we went for a nice (ans steep) uphill walk in the snow. Didn’t walk very far, but because it’s all up we got a little bit of a workout.


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