søndag 10. mars 2013

Weighing in, week 10

It’s time to get my act together, because no, I’m still not under 80 kilos! It’s so frustrating, and I feel like it’s not going anywhere anymore. And I’m sick of food! Planning meals, buying groceries, making food, all of it! There are moments when I just want to give up, and I have to remind myself I have big plans and that I don’t want to be fat. That I want to fit into that Herve Leger dress and make men drool. My boyfriend has been offshore most of the week, and it’s definetly difficult to keep on track and stay strong without him. I obviously have no willpower when it comes to chocolate!

What a rant this turned into! Must be because I’m super tired and just put Edward to bed. It’s tough being a single parent, even for just a few days! But back to business, at the very least I was very good in the gym this week! I had four amazing workouts, and thankfully I had progress in that department. Not a very exciting week though, but here goes.

Monday: Started the week with weights, which is what I look forward to the most when a new week starts. I also added more weight to most of my excercies, and I even added a new excercies for core strenght.

Tuesday: Time for cardio, and it’s wierd I didn’t lose five kilos from the amount of sweat that left my body! Hardcore.

Thursday: Same as Monday.

Friday: Same as Tuesday.

Sunday: Since hubs is away my BFF Martha joined me for a walk instead, and we ended up walking down Fløien, instead of walking up part of it like hubs and I usually do. Definetly worked those calves holding back the pram on icy hills.


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