tirsdag 19. mars 2013

Weighing in, week 11

Hi guys! Sorry about this post being so late, it’s been a hectic few days with Edward of course, and a little bit with something exciting I can’t tell you about until summer! But good news, I'm finally under 80 kilos! I weighed myself before meeting up with my personal trainer on Thursday, and luckily it was still 79,4 Sunday morning (the picture is not from Sunday). Which means I’ve also reached my first weight loss goal which was 4 kilos (every 4 kilos is a goal in our house) and I deserve a prize, but I can’t afford one! I’ll try to think of something though, I’ve worked hard to reach that goal.

Wednesday: Didn’t make it to the gym until that day, horrible I know! I usually start of the week with weights, but since I knew I would be doing that on Thursday I decided on just doing 40 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. I do 4x4 minute intervals for maximum weight loss.

Thursday: Time for the last meeting with my personal trainer, and she made two new weight routines for me so I can do legs one day and upper body another. Started right after our lessions with legs, and gosh what a work out! After walking home I just sat down, and I seriously couldn’t get up! Hubs had to help me! I was sore for days. Along with leg presses changed my squats from kettlebell to a 10kg barbell, and added leg extentions and two excercies in the ‘slynge’, which I can’t seem to find an english name for.

Friday: Somehow I managed to drag my ass to the gym and after a warm up my stiff legs managed to finish 40 minutes on the elliptical. Arms were to follow (didn’t have time for core) where I now do bicep curls and tricep extentions with dumbbells after my usual lat pulldowns and bench presses.

Sunday: You know Sundays means family walk! I can’t wait for it to be summer and for the ice to melt away so we can walk in the city mountains again.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Flinka!! Stølhelet er jo værst med nye øvelser uansett hvor godt trent man er fra før av...
    Slynge - sling eller noe sånt?

    1. takk! du har jo helt rett, det var jo så enkelt som sling. jeg trodde egentlig det først, men så ble jeg forvirret da jeg ikke fant noe om det på fitocracy


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