onsdag 27. mars 2013

Weighing in, week 12

Hey guys! So these posts just keep coming in later and later, huh? I have to be completly honest, and I’m getting a little sick of writeing them every week when I hardly loose any weight. I was so pumped Sunday morning gunning for the scale feeling I had lost plenty, but no! Once again I had gained and was at 79,5. At the very least I’m still under my 4kg goal. I’d been working so hard that week, and was noticing changes on my body so it’s quite dissapointing not seeing progress on the scale when I have a target weight. I know it’s not all about the number, and I’m not obsessed about it, but I would still love to see that number go down! But let me show you my week anyway.

Monday: Was a good girl and actually made it to the gym on a Monday morning! Full 40 minutes of crushing intervalls on the elliptical before doing upper body (arms and core). It felt amazing and I got my highest score so far on Fitocracy!

Tuesday: Time for legs and my new routine is soooo hard! I thought I had time for core as well, but the excercies are so hard they take super long. I finish off with leg extentions working my quads which I have never done before and my legs feel like jelly when I’m done! I must look like an idiot wobbling off to the locker room, haha.

Thursday: For some reason I was a little late and only had time for 35 minutes of intervalls on my beloved elliptical. Good workout though! Was suppost to do upper body as well, but had to move that to Saturday.

Friday: Time for legs and core once again!

Saturday: My last workout before the easter holiday consisted of 28 (LOL, I know) minutes on the elliptical (all I had time for) and upper body.


I wanted to let you know right now that I won’t be doing a post for this week. We’re on easter holiday and there will be zero visits to the gym and I’m afraid our diet won’t be as healthy as usual either. It may be a holiday, but we will still make time for some good walks! But let’s face it, I won’t feel like weighing myself on Sunday after all that easter chocolate! You know what I’m talking about.

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  1. Don't get down I'm sure your just having a plateau and if you keep going you will see a good drop of weight!I just found your blog via Bloglovin' and had a little dance for joy as it is just what i was looking for! a wl/fitness blog from Norway (bergen no less yay)


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