søndag 3. mars 2013

Weighing in, week 9

Apparently this has not been a good week, because I had GAINED 200 grams! WTF? I was finally feeling like this were finally paying off, and I could feel my clothes fitting a tiny bit better. I was so sure I would be under 80 kilos this week. And then this disgusting surprise. Maybe it shouldn’t have been a huge surprise, because there was a bit more of the sweet stuff than usual, and I only went to the gym three times, but in my head the worst case scenario was that I weighed the same as last week.

Monday: This was the first Monday this year I actually made it to the gym! Took some extra time to get Edward to sleep though, but I got 35 minutes of cardio in, on the always fun elliptical. I set the incline/resistance the way I always do but for the first time I was no where near reaching my target heart rate! Apparently that means I’m in better shape? Not a great workout, but nice to know things are improving!

Wednesday: Even when I get up earlier than usual I never seem to make it to the gym any earlier, so all I had time for was a five minute warmup on the elliptical before I did weights. I changed all my reps from 10 to 12, so I can add more weight soon!

Friday: This was just a silly day! The thing is, Edward has to be sleeping in his pram when I leave him at the daycare thingy that have at my gym, unless he gets crazy grumpy. And he always falls asleep on the walk down, except today! So I just kept on walking and when he finally fell asleep there were like 10 minutes left before the daycare closed. At the very least I got a decent walk, probably 3km combined.                    

Saturday: Finally a day to workout when I would leave Edward at home with his dad and not worry about time! Did 40 minutes of elliptical adding more incline/resistance, and it was so hard I didn’t think I could finish! But I did and then did weights. I skipped my step-up knee kick thingys though, my legs could barely hold my body at that point! Even set a personal high score on Fitocracy!

Sunday: You know Sunday is family-day, so we had a nice walk together in the nearby mountain that is Fløien. Which we usually do. When Edward gets a little bit older I want us to take longer walks, breaking for lunch. But right now I don’t want to breast feed in the cold open infront of half the city.


Really hoping next week will be better! I will definetly work hard in the gym, and try my very best to stay away from that pesky candy. I reaaaaaaally want to be under 80 kilos!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Stå på Kaja! Jeg heier på deg! Du er kjempe flink.

    1. takk! føler meg rimelig flink hehe

  2. Husk at når du trener trekker musklene til seg mer vann og vekten vil gå opp noe. Da jeg skadet benet mitt i høst gikk jeg NED 2 kilo i løpet av et par uker til tross for mye mindre aktivitet og mer mat (trøstespising). Når jeg begynte å trene igjen gikk jeg opp de to kiloene i løpet av noen dager.

    1. jeg vet jo at muskler veier endel, men tror ikke jeg klarer å legge på meg vekt bare pga muskler heller. det hadde nok endel med mat å gjøre, så nå er jeg heldigvis på riktig vei igjen!


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