mandag 6. mai 2013

30 Days blog challenge – Day 1

Since I’ve been such a terrible blogger I decided to jump on the band wagon and do this 30 days blog challenge all the norwegian bloggers are doing right now. So now I can get a kick start on blogging daily again, and you can get something new to check out every single day! I found it in norwegian, so I had to translate it myself in case any of you think it differs alot from the other ladies.

♥  day 1: The last thing you bought
♥  day 2: 10 things no one knows about you
♥  day 3: Something or someone you miss
♥  day 4: Your 3 favorite songs right now
♥  day 5: A song that makes you cry
♥  day 6: One thing you’ll never do
♥  day 7: Your favorite food
♥  day 8: A 3 year old picture of you
♥  day 9:  Your jewellry
♥  day 10: A picture of yourself you took today
♥  day 11: A picture of your handwriting
♥  day 12: Your cellphone
♥  day 13: 5 things you want
♥  day 14: Something you’re afraid of
♥  day 15: Your room
♥  day 16: A song you’re sick of
♥  day 17: 10 people/items you’d bring to a desert island
♥  day 18: A picture of yourself as a child
♥  day 19: The content of your handbag
♥  day 20: The perfume you’re wearing
♥  day 21: Your worst habit
♥  day 22: Your 5 favorite handbags
♥  day 23: Your nightstand
♥  day 24: A picture of yourself right after waking up
♥  day 26: Your favorite product right now
♥  day 27: A song that describes how you feel today
♥  day 28: A joke/sketch you think is funny
♥  day 29: A celebrity you look like
♥  day 30: The strangest thing you own

So let’s just jump right ahead and that with day ONE, the last thing I bought. I’m not counting food and such, who wants to see that? So since the last thing I bought hasn’t arrived in the post yet (and is just a boring pair of white Converse sneakers anyway), I thought I’d show you the second last thing which was this wind jacket from BikBok. Can you tell I love white for spring? This is definetly not very ‘me’, but I decided to try a new look since I needed a new spring jacket so desperately. You like?


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