onsdag 22. mai 2013

Blog Challenge day 17

♥ 10 people/items you’d bring to a desert island

So the first 8 of these were quite simple actually, especially since there were no limits to what you could bring. Of course I would want to bring endess chocolate and all my friends! I could write a boat and a phone, but I think the point of this challenge is that you’re suppost to STAY on the island. I do love a beach holiday, but I could never just leave the world forever like that.  

1. Edward – Since this is a hypothetical scenario, of course I’d bring little Ed! In reality, I wouldn’t want him to live his entire life on a desert island, but at the same time I couldn’t imagine my life without him!

2. Sam – Obviously! He’s the love of my life you know.

3. All my friends – This is obvious too isn’t it?

4. Life supply of sunblock – Wouldn’t want to wrinkles or cancer, even on a beach!

5. iPod and speakers with eternal batteries – Because what is life without music?

6. A swiss army knife – You know, so I can chop stuff and kill things for food.

7. Something to start a fire with – BBQ every night!

8. A refrigerator filled with an endless supply of my favorite foods and candies – Mostly because I would want something cold from time to time, I can’t live without iced water. But I’m not gonna say no to chocolate either.

9. Lots of good books – I’d actually rather have books I could re-read over the years than a cellphone and a TV.

10. Tools – Would have to be able to build a little hut and hunt some food.


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