tirsdag 7. mai 2013

Blog Challenge Day 2

♥10 things you don’t know about me ♥
1. Celery is my favorite vegetable.
2. London is my favorite place and I’ve been there about 10 times.
3. I once had pink hair for a year, but I’m a natural blonde.
fant på kamera
4. My first pet was a hamster named Oscar.
5. I went to a high school of preforming arts, drama major.
6. I have two tattoos. ¨
7. I took a semester of Russian at the university a few years back.
8. I knew Sam was the one on our third date.
9. I have a bald spot in the back of my head after a bleaching episode when I was 16.
10. In my teens I was a crazy die hard Marilyn Manson fan.

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