søndag 19. mai 2013


It feels like summer has arrived in Bergen this weekend. We’ve had the most amazing weather these last couple of days, and I have definetly been taking advantage of it! Since people in Bergen usually don’t trust positive weather reports, we were caught by surprise and had to rush to the pharmacy to pick up some sun block for Edward.

Today we took Edward out for his first picnic. We got some lunch and ice cream, and lounged in a park in the city center. It was crazy hot, but so nice. When I first got pregnant, this is how I pictured having a family would be. I did let him taste a tiny bit of ice cream, and it’s obvious that he has inhertited his sweet tooth from his parents because he keeps wanting more! Don’t worry, I don’t let him have more, it’s only to taste.



Hoping everyone is enjoying this amazing weather as much as we are!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Creeper alert:
    Så dere på tur fra flybussen i dag :P Dere så ut som en perfekt liten familie ^_^

    1. Du sko jo sagt hei! Elle satt du på flybussen? Me e jo ganske perfekte, spesielt sie me matche på håre hehe

  2. Ja, jeg var inne på bussen :P


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