mandag 3. juni 2013

Blog Challenge day 30

♥ The strangest thing you own

I almost can’t believe I’ve actually finished this challenge! Have I become a better blogger? I hope so! I think I’ve become more used to finding time and blogging every day, so I hope I manage to keep it up from now on. Onto todays challenge! I think I’m one of those people that own quite a few strange things, but I think the very strangest has to be my mexian wrestling mask. I bought it years ago when I was quite drunk, and let’s just say I regretted it the next morning. The only reason I still own it is because it cost way more then I should have paid for it, and I want to get my moneys worth! Not that I’ll ever use it, but it seems to have come in handy for this post at the very least! My model is the beautiful Edward of course! (He didn’t like it.)


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