onsdag 19. juni 2013

My day

Oh how time flies! It’s already Wednesday, and in a few hours my work week will be half way through. My work week is only three days, but you know, haha. My trip to London is getting soooo close, and I spend half my time thinking about it (the other half thinking about Edward, of course!). I don’t really have that much to offer you guys today, but I thought I should check in since it’s been days since my last blog. Bad girl!

But in good news I finally wore my Hermès scarf today! Hubs got it for my birthday in August, but I just never knew what I could wear it with. So I ended up wearing it inside a coat today. Sublte but fun, I say. I have to admit, it felt pretty good wearing it out!


In other news; hubs is brewing beer in the kitchen (yuck, it looks like poo if you ask me), and Edward has started pulling himself up to stand (yay! my clever boy).



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