mandag 4. november 2013

Finished Products of September & October


Så gikk det to måneder mellom disse innleggene denne gangen også. Jeg ville jo gjøre det hver måned siden det blir så mye, men da september gikk mot slutten hadde jeg bare brukt opp 2 produkter. Og som dere snart vil få se, så har jeg brukt veldig mange opp i oktober. Sånn kan det gå. Jeg lurer på om jeg skal begynne å lage disse i videoformat fra nå av, vi får se når november nærmer seg slutten.



Palmolive Thermal Spa Ocean Vitatily – Another nice body wash from Palmolive. They’re my favorite for a reason. This smells very nice and isn’t drying. I wouldn’t trust it as a scrub though, even if it’s granulated. Would repurchase.

Korres Mint Tea Body Scrub – I did really like this. It has a nice smell and I noticed improvement on my skin. It came at a pretty good price, but I still think I went through it a little too quickly. I need it to last more then a few months. Would not repurchase.

Palmolive Mediterranean Moments Apricot from Italy – I was really disappointed with this. It smells so good from the bottle, but not so much when it lathers. It felt a bit drying as well. Would not repurchase.

Palmolive Mediterranean Moments Argan Oil from Morocco – It was the opposite with this. The smell was not very special from the bottle, but smells super good when it lathers. Didn’t dry out my skin, but I don’t think the argan oil made any difference. Would repurchase.



Kerastase Soleil Restoring and moisturising care – I guess this is a conditioner, but it’s much different from the previous ones I’ve used. The sonsistency is so thin, almost like a milk and it doesn’t give that typical conditioner softness I really like. But still, I noticed my hair felt much healthier, and more soft, in the long run. Would repurchase.

John Frieda Colour Protecting Shampoo – I remembered loving this years ago, so I wanted to see if I still did after years of using Kerastase. I did not. This was very drying and did nothing for my dyed red hair. Would not repurchase.



L’Oreal Eye & Lip Make-up Remover – Last time I said I would repurchase this, and I did, obviously, but I think I’ve changed my mind somewhere in this 2nd bottle. When I found that it was easier to remove mascara with the Bioderma (and it’s not even super good for removing mascara), I decided to stop using this. It does come at a good price, but it’s cheaper to just buy one for everything. Would not repurchase.

Bioderma Créaline H2O Cleanser & Makeup Remover – The best make-up remover in the world! Make-up just glides off when you’re using this, and even the most sensitive skin in the world can use this! Nothing else comes close to being as amazing, and simple to use, as this. Would repurchase (and I have).

La Prairie Purifying Cream Cleanser – One of my favorite cleansers ever. Good for dry skin, and feels really luxurious. I’m not gonna write more about this because I have a million time before. Would repurchase.

La Mer Creme de la Mer – You already know this is my holy grail moisturiser. Can not get enough of this, it’s absolutely amazing and definetly worth the price if you can afford it. Of course I would repurchase.



Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream – Such a delicious hand cream! Very moisturising and absorbs quickly. Does have a very distinct smell, almost like a Lush-smell, except not irritating. It is quite expensive though, and I’m not sure it’s that much better then my favorite pharmacy hand creams. Not sure about repurchasing at that price, but definetly would if it was a bit cheaper.

ACO Special Care Softening Foot Cream – This works really well for very dry feet, and it does help my dry skin. It has a minty-cooling thing going for it as well, which is very nice. Doesn’t help cracks though, but at least they are soft. Would repurchase.

A-Derma Intense Repair Hand Cream – I still love this hand cream. Moisturing and absorbs quickly. What more can you ask for? It doesn’t have a special smell either. Would repurchase.

Etude House Mini JamJam Hand Lotion – Even though this was very cheap it wasn’t worth it for me. It smells pretty good, but it’s just not that moisturising. They feel pretty soft after application, but when you wash your hands it’s like a conditioner just washing off. I saw no overall improvement when using this. Would not repurchase.

It’s Skin Mini Bebe Hand Cream – This does smell amazing, and the packaging is adorable, but other then that, it’s basically the same as the one from Etude House. I am not impressed. Would not repurchase.

CND Solar Oil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner – Pretty sure this is the best cuticle oil there is, and I understand why so many people love this. It has a little bit of an almond smell, which I actually like. It’s very nourishing, and does help both nails and cuticles. This is the only oil I have ever loved, and this tiny bottle lasted me about a year. I have already bought a bigger bottle. Would repurchase.

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