torsdag 6. februar 2014

Desember/January empties


Så ble det et sånn megainnlegg denne gange også. Jeg tror faktisk at dette blir det empties-innlegget med flest produkter ever. Desember var en sånn måned der jeg bare hadde 4-5 tomme produkter, så jeg syns det var litt dumt å lage et innlegg bare med de. Og så kom januar, og det ser jo nesten ut som om jeg har brukt opp halve badeskapet. Altså, det går egentlig ikke an å se forskjell i skapet, haha.

Jeg klarer ikke å bestemme meg om jeg skal fortsette å skrive disse innleggene, og gjøre det månedlig/bi-månedlig, eller om jeg skal samle opp så og så mange produkter og så ta det i en video i stedet for. Hva syns dere?



Kerastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte Erosion Level 3+4 shampoo – I really love this shampoo for erosion level 1+2, and I believe this is quite new, but I absolutely hated this. I didn’t feel it cleansed my hair as good as the other one, and for some reason this made my scalp really sensitive. My hairdresses actually told me to stop using this, because she noticed I was wincing when she was brushing my hair. I guess I was on cruise control when I bought this, because I’ve been used to having damaged hair, but it seems I might not actually need shampoos like these anymore. I’m not saying this is a shit shampoo, but if you don’t have very damaged hair I would stay away. Would not repurchase.

Kerastase Reflection Chroma Thermique Thermo-radiance protecting milk – The only bad thing I can say about this is that it’s a bit of a hassle that it’s a cream. You lose a few seconds with applicationg, and you get gunk on your hands, but other then this I think this is a great heat protector. I don’t use a ton of heat on my hair, but I have never noticed deterioration when using this. Another big pluss is that a little goes a long way, and you can have this for a long time. Would repurchase.

Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Conditioner – My all time favorite conditioner, and I love that it’s super cheap. It makes my hair sooooooo soft! This will always have a place in my heart. Would repurchase.

Kerastase Nutritive Masqueintense hair mask for thick hair – This is my holy grail moisturising mask! I know some people think this smells disgusting, but I quite like it. Nothing can compare to the moisture this gives, and I love it will all my little heart. Nothing more to say really, except buy this! Would repurchase.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime with Moringa Immortel – This was one of my 2013 favorites, and it was the only oil I used for my hair last year, it lasts that long! This version is for damaged hair, and I still prefer this over the pink one that’s for coloured hair. Smells nice too. Would repurchase.

Matrix Biolage Fortifying Leave-In Treatment – When I first tried this almost ten years ago, right after a bleaching accident that left my hair destroyed, and it really helped my hair get a lot better, but I think they have changed the formula since. I really like the smell, but it just didn’t do that much for my hair this time. Would not repurchase.



Vichy NutriExtra body cream – I’m not super excited about this. It does give a ton for moisture without being heavy or sticky, but I think it has too much of a smell compared to other pharmacy body creams. I prefer so many others, so I would not repurchase.

Palmolive Thermal Spa Aqua Calm body wash – Nothing too exciting about this one. Doesn’t smell too much, but it feels really nice and it’s not drying. It’s just a bit boring though. Would not repurchase.

MD Formulations Face & Body Scrub – This has been my favorite scrub for a long time. It really improves my skin when I use it, and I love that you just need one product for both face and body. I did just get the news that MD Formulations is being pulled from the European marked, so who knows if I will ever be able to repurchase it, but I definetly would.

Kiehls Orange Flower & Lychee body lotion – This has a sweet, fruity smell, and is a bit lighter then creme de corps and for that reason it is a tiny bit less moisturising. For those that love that type of smell and don’t have very dry skin, I think this would be amazing. Just because there are so many I prefer, I would not repurchase this.

Kiehls Orange Flower & Lychee body cleanser – Allthough this has a nice smell, like the body lotion, this definetly wasn’t very exciting. It’s not drying and I can’t say anything negative about it, but I just can’t see how this is worth the Kiehls price tag. Would not repurchase.

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion body wash – I do love the VS body washes. This is very summery, and it’s a little bit different from other coconut scents because it has vanilla as well. I’m not crazy about the smell in the long run, but I can’t exactly hate it for that reason. If I could only use VS body washes for a year, I would be a very happy girl. Would repurchase.

Origins Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanser – A big miss for me. The consistency is just a bit to thin for my liking, and I felt this didn’t clean my skin very deep. I counted the seconds until it was empty. Would not repurchase.



Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream Concentrate – This has to be the best drugstore hand cream that I have ever tried. It doesn’t last for 200 applications, no shocker there, but you get a lot of moisture with very little product. Absorbs super quickly, not sticky at all. But just remember don’t use too much, a little pea sized dab goes a long way. Would repurchase.

La Roche-Posay 24HR Physiological Deodorant – This is one of those healthy deodorant, no funny business in this. I really like this, and I like that it doesn’t really smell anything which I think is a big plus. For someone that sweats alot, I have to admit that I have to apply a strong deodorant every night, but then this is the only thing I use during the day. Would repurchase.

A-Derma Intense Repair Hand Cream – This will forever be my favorite pharmacy hand cream, not more to say. This has probably been in every single one of my empties posts. Would repurchase FOREVER!

Soap & Glory Hand Food hand cream – This was a dissapointment for me. It has that typical S&G smell, which I quite like, but it just didn’t do it for my dry hands. It was quite afforable though, but I would not recommend this for very dry skin. Would not repurchase.

Blistex MedPlus lip balm – Yep, another big favorite in this post! I love this lip balm, and I love the price tag. I’ve been using this for years, and it’s one of the few lip balms that I’ve tried that is really moisturising and doesn’t leave my lips flaky. Would repurchase.

Innisfree 1 Minute Lip Scrub – I can’t decide if I like this or not. It’s definetly not an amazing lip scrub, but it was soooo cheap. It does work, but not as well as I would like. If you’re looking for something cheap, I would go for this, if you want something really good I would spend some more on something else.

L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara – I absolutely loved this! It gives so much volume, without too much clumping and zero fall-out. Never have I been this impressed with a drugstore mascara. Would repurchase.

English: This might just be my biggest empties post ever. It’s that same old story, only a few products finished in the first month, so I decided to save them, and then I used up half my bathroom (but not really) in the second month. I can’t make up my mind if I should keep doing these posts, or if I should just save a certain amount of finished products and then do a video. What do you guys think?

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