tirsdag 8. juli 2014

Wishlist for my 26th birthday


Every year when July comes around, I can’t help but think of my birthday. I love any excuse for a celebration and I get excited for just about anything, so you can guess what it’s like in the weeks before my day. I always throw a party and I love having the day be all about me. Being a mom and a wife, I always try to put others first and make everyones lives better, and I think it’s important to take some time in my life and just feel special. Anyway, I also take some time before my birthday and think of the things I not just want, but really want. It may sound silly, but it’s nice, especially since I always want something new and better and brighter and more expensive. True story.

  • Tom Ford Makeup Brushes – It’s not often that I have make-up brushes on my wishlist, but I can’t help but lust for these. These are nothing but luxe, and rumour has it they’re just as fantastic to work with as they look. Reighing surpreme at the top of my list are the bronzer brush and the cheek brush, and hopefully they will settle my quest for the ultimate face brushes.
  • Tory Burch Wallet-on-Chain – This first caught my eye several months ago in white, but alas, that’s long gone. With that gone, the black one is on my radar. I’m in need of small bags, and black always works. It’s just so small and chic, and I can’t get enough of black and gold together.
  • Chanel Beige perfume – While I was in Chanel, waiting for my purchase to be prepared, I got a whiff of this. It certainly wasn’t love at fist sniff (I though it smelt too much like an older lady, much like other Chanel perfumes), but as it developed I fell head of heels in love. This is definetly a more mature scent, but I wouldn’t feel old wearing it. No doubt this will be mine the next time we pass a Chanel boutique since this is part of their Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection that’s only sold in boutiques.
  • La Mer The Concentrate – Skin care has been on my mind lately, and this has been high on my wishlist since trying a sample several years ago. I’m pretty sure this is a miracle in a tiny bottle, but the price tag is huge. I’m honestly sure it’s worth every penny, but taking the plunge and treating yourself to something that expensive is tough.
  • Hermès Clic H/Clic Clac bracelet – I actually got one of these for my birthday last year, and over time I just love it more and more. It’s my most worn bracelet, and I feel I can wear it with anything. So why wouldn’t I want to expand my collection? Gold is my metal of choice, and I’m having a hard time deciding between orange and white enamel, they’re both so chic! My dream combo is silver with pale pink though, but I think that’s quite rare.
  • Louis Vuttion Insolite wallet – Now, I do have a functioning wallet, and I can’t really see myself collecting wallets either, but over time my orange leather continental has become quite worm, especially since Eddie has gotten his hands on it once too many. Since I was so happy with my first wallet invenstment, I can’t help but dream of an even bigger investment. A wallet is something to carry and see several times a day, and if you can, I think you should treat yourself to a nice one. It does make your day a little bit better every time you see it! Now, the multicolour monogram is an aquired taste at best, but I love that it’s a bit tacky because it reminds me of my teenage years when this was super popular and I was just discovering fashion and designer brands.
  • Clarisonic (Aria or Mia2) – In the last month my skin has really been acting up with acne, and it seems like I just can’t get a deep enough cleanse with a regular makeup remover and cleanser regime. In comes the Clarisonic. I hear so many good things about this, I can’t help but think it might be the only thing that can get my skin back to it’s usual bright compelxion. And you know, if it comes in pink, I’ll take it!
  • SKII Facial Treatment Essence – This has been intriguing me for longer than I can remember, probably since seing ads in Chinese magazines 10-15 years ago, but recently it was bumped to one of the top spots, after seeing what Monsiieur Alex had to say about it. Something that can help my skin and help my Creme de la Mer work better? Where do I sign up? Luckily, you can get them in quite small bottles, so hopefully I’ll be able to try this sooner rather than later. Not to mention, how good is Cate Blanchetts face as an ad for this?
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Glitz Cronograph Watch – There’s no doubt that I’m a bit of an armcandy lover, and I’m obviously inlove with rose gold too. And you know, it’s always nice to tell time. I haven’t actually worn a watch in years, and I do see it more as an accessory then something practical.

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